High speed satellite broadband internet, wherever you are.


Do you require a reliable internet solution at a remote location?

Do you have a need for reliable internet at very short notice?

Would you like temporary internet without the lengthy process and cost involved with ordering a secondary line?

Many clients turn to us for a reliable, hassle free and cost effective solution when they have a requirement for temporary internet. F1 Consultancy’s Satellite solution provides a fast, flexible and simple solution.


Remote Locations

When setting up at a location too far from ADSL and without 3G services, internet connection can be very difficult to arrange. Satellite can be installed next to or on top of the production venue, giving your festival or event high-speed temporary broadband.



Quick to set up for events which require internet connectivity for a short period. Satellite broadband can be installed and removed within hours to provide high-speed access for demonstrations or launches.

Satellite broadband can be utilised across all venues, it is perfect for festivals, outdoor events, product launches, conferences and much more:



6 Benefits of using a Satellite Dish as a temporary solution

  1. Set up within a few minutes
  2. Can provide high-speed service (up to 10Mbps)
  3. Cost effective
  4. Provides internet access where a broadband line isn’t available, delivering a service that is way beyond a 3G dongle
  5. Does not require a telephone line
  6. Can be utilized as a back up to provide failover for your existing connection should this go down for any reason during an event


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