Sourcing and preparing the right IT equipment required for any show or exhibition can be a daunting, logistical challenge.


Here at F1 Consultancy, we have a vast selection of rental equipment readily available, including; Servers, PC’s, Monitors, Wired or Wireless networking and peripherals; to meet the needs of any technical requirements you might come up with.

Our range of Event Management IT Services, from the standard to the ‘high-end’ includes; design and specification, configuration, testing, delivery, installation, training and collection.

Our technical and logistical services enable us to provide you with a custom made solution to meet your temporary needs, wherever they are required in the world.

If you’re planning and organizing an event and would like some experienced help, contact us today.

At F1 Consultancy we can leverage a variety of Event IT Services to ensure that your event is a success.


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