F1 Consultancy has a team of consultants that specialize in Executive Keynote Support. From speaker support PC’s to full scale server client demos. F1′s Executive Keynote Support Team always provide a high level of service.


With a wealth of experience in providing Executive Keynote support. Not only do our consultants have exceptional IT, Audio and Video technical knowledge, they also have a high level of communication and interpersonal skills which we found to be a very successful combination when backstage in a high pressure keynote environment. So whatever your requirements, we can combine all the right Event Management IT services to meet your needs.


List of Executive Keynote Support Services

  • Production Meeting Assistants
  • Creative Speaker Support Planning
  • Speaker Support Equipment and Design
  • Demo Support and Design
  • Demo AV Integration Management
  • Webcast Design and Management
  • Webcast Content Acquisition


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