F1 Consultancy understand the organic nature of events. With our Event Management IT experience, we are able to provide tailored network infrastructure solutions depending on the size of event and the number of expected attendees.


F1 solutions provide secure, highly available networks which can integrate into existing venue infrastructure or as separate entities using client / server architecture. Our Event IT Services and solutions are fully managed and monitored on-site by our own team of in-house experts. The core features of these designs include, in-built redundancy and fail-over, firewall, anti-virus control, private networks, wireless networking, application and printer hosting.


List of Infrastructure Support Services

  • Simple Printing Solutions
  • Secure Private Networks
  • Firewalled High Speed Internet Links
  • Centralised and Secure Storage
  • Presentation Distribution
  • Rapid PC Deployment
  • High Density WIFI
  • Bespoke Client PC Configuration
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Streaming


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