When providing outstanding Event Management IT solutions, you have to be prepared to deal with a monumental amount of hardware and devices.


To manage these, we designed an Asset Management Application capable of dealing with the thousands of stock movements that the logistics team have to manage each year.

At the heart of our administration system is a powerful, centralized database which provides controlled access for all parties that require it, thus preventing discrepancies that may otherwise arise between departments. A single audit has the capacity to cover multiple locations and thousands of assets, or by stock owner.

Our asset management application ensures that both the accounting and tracking modules work in unison to provide an accurate, validated, and consistently current database, enabling users to comply fully and confidently with auditor requirements relating to accurate accounting and tracking their asset base.

Item details are scanned onto a hand-held data capture device which is used to scan the unit bar codes, or can be manually entered using a easy to use GUI system.


Features & Benefits of Asset Tracking Management

  • Portable scanners update the status of items on site and in real time on the database.
  • Details such as make, model or serial number are captured and logged on the database.
  • Assets and inventory items can be flagged as transferred, disposed of or missing.
  • Advanced search facility allows ‘rogue’ items to be quickly identified by a variety of criteria (e.g. serial number).
  • Verify and check actions arising as a result of the audit process.
  • Creates transaction records for verified transfers and disposals automatically, with all updates and transactions recorded in a log for reporting purposes.
  • Full audit history of all movements on all assets.
  • Ability to add/remove/edit comments relating to any particular asset held in the database


Whether you’re looking to use a combination of our Event IT Services, or just our Asset Management System, we’d like to hear from you. We also provide cloud-based Inventory Management.

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