F1 Consultancy’s IT support services are here to allow you to concentrate on your core business of running successful events for your clients. Having a dedicated IT support team/person can be an expensive overhead disproportionate to the size of your organization.


All you really need is for someone to be there when you have a problem.

Having spent a great deal of time providing IT Consultancy Services to organizations of all sizes, we understand the need for both on-site and Remote IT Support.

Whether you need someone part-time to perform maintenance, or out of hours support we can put together an IT Support package to suit your unique requirements.


F1 offer a range of services designed to fit your organisational needs and budget

  • Full time Consultant
  • Part time Consultant
  • Scheduled site visits to perform regular “housekeeping” tasks, check for any issues etc.
  • Remote Helpdesk
  • Telephone Support (Office hours or out of hours)
  • Email Support
  • Web Based Enquiry
  • FAQ’s


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