Having a secure and reliable IT Infrastructure is of paramount importance to any organization.


The importance of a robust and secure IT infrastructure is quite often overlooked until the day it becomes unavailable, resulting in major disruption and productivity loss to your business; or even worse data loss with potentially devastating consequences.

In providing IT Consultancy Services, we’ve encountered all kinds of problems lurking in business IT networks; so no matter the size of your organization, we’re well equipped to guide you in the development of your infrastructure.

Even if your network was designed and installed by experts, you will have almost certainly added or swapped machines, upgraded hardware, installed software, had virus attacks, added new users or deleted accounts for users who have left. Unless your network and user structure has remained totally unchanged since it was first installed, it is likely that problems, quirks and inefficiencies will have crept in over time.

F1 Consultancy can arrange for a trained consultant to visit your office to study your whole network for efficiency and security arrangements. We will then send you a network diagnosis report on our findings which will include, if applicable, recommendations for any areas which are of immediate concern or which could be improved.

If your network does need attention, F1 Consultancy will advise you on the cost implications. Any recommendations in our report will be clear and unambiguous.


Our health check services

  • Identification of Vulnerabilities
  • Potential Security Threats
  • Single Point(s) of Failure
  • Potential Critical Failure
  • Recommendations for any Improvement(s)
  • Relocation Services


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